Why Choose the European Market Place?

The European Economic Area is one of the leading medical device marketplaces in the world. It contains 5 of the worlds largest economies: Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain; and many other rapidly growing economies. In order to achieve long lasting global success, it is key to crack the European marketplace.

The European Market

World Medical Technology Market 2014 by Region based upon Manufacturer Prices. *Espicom, Eucomed Calculations

Total Annual Health Expenditure

Total Annual Healthcare Expenditure of European Countries 2015 in EUR Billion *OECD 2016

Top Supplier to Europe

With a total of 63% the U.S.A. is the Top Supplier to the European Medical Technology Market (Imports), *Espicom, Eucomed Calculations 2013

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Kalms Consulting

Kalms Consulting offers a complete consultancy service for medical device manufacturers and selected services for pharmaceutical companies. Based in Berlin, we support your business success in Europe thanks to our expertise in the medical device market in Germany. We are your gateway to one of the biggest medical technology markets in the world.